Agpalali Tribal Church Plant

As of August 2, 2018, this budget has been met!! Thank You!!

A remote tribal community with 170 households in the mountain region of Brgy. Agpalali, Province of Capiz is waiting for us to come...

Bro. Evon, a GIWO affiliate, received a request from the Captain and the Elder of the tribe together with their families asking us to help them reach their people. They have given us permission to conduct an evangelistic mission trip and to build a church where they can gather and worship.

We do not want to neglect this opportunity. Our desire is to take the Love of God and Salvation to this unreached tribal community.

Bro. Evon plans to take a mission team of 15 people who will share the gospel of the Kingdom, do outreaches in the area and be a part of the construction of the new church building.

The budget is $1,875.00. This includes the teams travel expense, teaching materials for children in the outreaches and providing meals for the community. Also, included in this amount is material to build a church with native material: lumber, bamboo, galvanized sheets, and roofing.

We believe we cannot do this alone but with your prayers and financial support, you will enable us to reach this tribal community.