Linking Children to Education with Families Who Care

Denise and I have traveled to remote areas in many nations. We have seen firsthand the sacrifices and hardships national ministers undergo. We met ministers who have counted the cost and chosen to take the message of Christ to extremely poor areas. These ministers and their families share this call and work together as a team in sharing Christ and training new believers. In their faithfulness to Christ, these pioneer ministers and their families are responsible for leading hundreds to the Lord and establishing new churches throughout the mountain regions. The majority of their children are not able to attend school or, if they do, they cannot afford to purchase textbooks or basic school supplies for financial reasons.

Denise and I established "GraceLink" because of this need. We wanted to provide these children an opportunity for an education. If your desire is to help minister's children receive an education, you can sponsor a child through GraceLink.

A GraceLink sponsorship is $228.00 per year or $57.00 per quarter or $19.00 per month. This will provide your child with tuition, uniforms, textbooks, and basic school supplies. In addition, the child will receive $5 on his/her birthday and $5 at Christmas. You will be able to write your sponsored child as often as you like. You will receive a photo, family profile and personal letters from your child.

This is an excellent opportunity for your family or Sunday school class to reach out and make a difference in a child's life. Your sponsorship will enable them to fulfill their life calling and will bring great encouragement to their parents.

Will you consider becoming a GraceLink Sponsor? Thank you for taking the time to read about this opportunity and for your love, prayer and support of these children. Click here to become a sponsor.

Fulfilling Dreams Together,
Darrell & Denise Hutto