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God is Great and Greatly to be Praised!

In our last email we sent out a New Year’s update. We would really like to start being more regular with our newsletters from here on out and with a new year comes new resolutions and a more regular Newsletter is one of ours for this year!

God has been so good to us and we are truly grateful for everything He has done. Although life sometimes brings sadness our way, such as the loss of both of our family pets since the writing of our last newsletter, the Bible promises us in Psalm 30:5

“…Weeping may last for the night, but a shout of joy comes in the morning.”

God’s Word is our everlasting source of hope and encouragement in the midst of life’s trials and sorrows and within its sacred pages, we find the keys to everlasting Life!

Sorrow for the Night
Last we spoke, we mentioned that we had just lost one of our dogs and that our other one was dying. We are sad to say that both our new puppy, Boots, and our first furbaby, Peanut, have left this world.
Those couple of weeks were a tough time for my wife and I and also our family who had lost one of their dogs the week prior.

The loss of Peanut was particularly heart-wrenching for us because she was the first family pet that my wife and I shared. We both had dreams of seeing her frolic and play with our future children which will now never come to fruition.

It is said that when one door closes, another one always opens, and while this well-known proverb may not have come from within the pages of the Bible, it has nonetheless proven to be true time and time again. I purport that the reason for this is that, for us, as Christians, there really are no closed doors…

Think about this with me for a minute…for Born-Again believers in Jesus Christ, even death is not a closed door. Jesus’ life, death, burial, and resurrection is the key that unlocked the door to everlasting life for all who believe! Thanks to the finished work of Jesus, there are no more closed doors!!
But I digress…
Losing our pets was difficult and we will forever have a special place in our hearts for them.

Joy in the Morning
My wife and I had talked about things and we both decided that at some point we wanted to get another dog, but it was just something to look forward to in the future, not necessarily something that we were going to go out and do right that moment.

Little did we know, God was already working on that desire of our hearts. This past Saturday, my wife and I woke up to a message from one of our sisters that the mother of one of the brethren from one of the local churches had given a puppy for us and had left the little girl for us a our parents’ house.

Presumably, she had heard from her son, the owner of our local pet food store, that our dogs had died, although when we mentioned to him to thank his mother for us, he seemed oblivious to the fact.

Psalm 38: 9:
“Lord, all my desire is before You; and my sighing is not hidden from You.”

God knew our desire and He blessed us!!

Say Hello to Caramel!!
We are blessed and thankful to have a new little bundle of joy!
We aren’t sure exactly what breed she is, but aren’t the muts usually the best?!

New Beginnings
New years often come with new beginnings and this has certainly been the case for my sweet wife and I.

Worship Leader
In November I was asked by our local pastor if I would be willing to take up a ministry position within the church as one of their Song Leader/Worship Leaders. After prayer, I knew God was leading me to accept and starting in December I have had the privilege of serving in that role.
To give a short side story here: Before I came to the Philippines my wife had a dream in which she saw me leading the worship at their church. My wife doesn’t usually remember her dreams, so when she does, we make note of them.
Now, over a year later, her dream has come to pass. This is just one in a list of several of her dreams that have come to pass; not to mention the dreams that I had which led to my coming here and marrying my wife in the first place!!

Exhorter, Preacher
Another new beginning rather took me by surprise the Sunday before last, when our Pastor announced to the church that he had chosen me and one other brother in the church to be added immediately into the rotation for preaching and teaching. While I was surprised to hear this, of course, I am also delighted to have the opportunity and I know my wife feels the same way.

New Home
I mentioned in our last email about our move into our new home and we want to say thank you to all who shared kind words with us and prayers for our new home here. We both feel so blessed that God opened the doors for us to get this beautiful little cottage and we feel at home here.

New Home Needs
After sending our last email it was requested of us that we make a list of some of the things that we have need of here in our new home.

After some consideration we have come up with this short list of things we need for our new home:

  • Chairs for our Dining Table:
    estimated cost: 4 at $7-8 each

*Comforter for our bed:
estimated cost: $12

*Automatic Washing Machine for Clothes
(We currently have a small semi-automatic washer, but the spin-dry half of the machine burnt out.)
estimated cost: $80-100

OBGYN Checkup
We spoke briefly in our last email about my wife’s condition with Polycystic Ovary syndrome and her need for another checkup. Although we are believing God for total healing, we still need to go back to her doctor for a checkup.
We estimate this will cost more or less $100, however we do not have that at this time.

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