Darrell & Denise Hutto

Darrell Hutto and his wife Denise, are the Founders and Directors of Grace International World Outreach (GIWO), a nonprofit missionary organization dedicated to reaching the unreached. Since 1982, they have traveled to Nations around the world equipping Nationals in the work of the ministry and establishing evangelism outreaches. Darrell & Denise passionately desire to see every man, woman, & child come to know Christ and to see each one fulfill their God given destiny. Everyone must have an opportunity to hear the Gospel, God's dream for mankind.

Darrell discovered God's dream at an early age and embraced it wholeheartedly. Pursuing God's purpose has brought great joy and the reward of seeing many come to know Christ. It is their prayer that you too will discover God's dream for your life and that you embrace it with your whole heart!

The Passion

I once heard the story about the tide washing hundreds of starfish on the beach. A young boy discovering what had happened, frantically began throwing the starfish back into the sea as fast as he could, knowing they would soon die being out of the water.

An older gentleman watching the boy, says "What's the use, you can't possibly save them all!" The boy replied, " I may not be able to save them all, but it means everything to this one!", as he throws a starfish back into the sea.

It is better to reach some rather than ignoring all. We hear the cry of the lost and are passionately reaching as many as possible. We must use every resource and take every opportunity to reach out beyond ourselves to the spiritual need of others. You and I must share Christ as though we are his only representatives. Denise and I pray you share this passion.

Darrell & Denise Hutto