Claude and Bao

Claude and Bao (undisclosed location) provide hope and a future to the poor, afflicted and castaways. They train leadership and establish short and long-term outreaches to reach those needing the Good News.

We are so grateful to the Lord for bringing Darrell, Denise, and Grace Service Agency (GSA) into our lives. Darrell and Denise agreed to allow our friends and supporters to send their donations through Grace Service Agency (GSA). Without their assistance, we would have been limited in what we could accomplish here. We are ever grateful for their friendship, love and thoughtfulness. We praise the Lord for their dedication and service to further the Kingdom of God and their desire to assist others to fulfill God's call. We really appreciate the assistance Grace Service Agency (GSA) has provided through the years. Their assistance has allowed us to focus on sharing the gospel and helping others in need.

Love in Christ,

Claude & Bao