About Jephraim G. Carcillar

I am Jephraim G. Carcillar, 18 years old of age and was born July 14,2004.
Son of Pastor Evon and Joji Carcillar. Taking up Computer Engineering.
The reason why I choose this course because now a day’s technology is advancing
very fast and is trend and help me my family as well.

My Personal Testimony

I don’t really know what to say in my life because I am not a person that can share and talk about his
self. But, what I can say that my life is pretty good because of the family that raised me, a loving and caring
family and I am really thankful for that. Although as I grow up other things are influencing me either good or bad,
but I think it is normal for us in order to grow. In life problems occurs, and so it is for me too, but in those times of troubles. I am very grateful that I have people who truly cares for me, my family and even my friends. And one of the lessons I learn in those trials is & I quote; learn from your mistakes & I quote; we must not be discourage in our failures but learn and improve from it. Also one of the things that help me improve my self is communication with God by reading his word and by praying. It is very nice to know that there is always whose there for me even when I am alone because He is always with me. Now I am first college, a new beginning again and new challenges in life but I am hoping to continuously make my self be better than yesterday.

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