Tito & Nelida Hurtado

My name is Tito Hurtado, my wife is Nélida, and we have been married for twelve years. We are missionaries in the Peruvian highlands, in the department of Cusco, in the city of Sicuani, which has 30 rural communities around it. We have three children, Camila (10), Joseph (7), and Joshua (4). We are involved in pastoral work, planting churches and reaching those who do not know God's love with the gospel, discipling believers and looking for ways to serve our community, feeding children in extreme poverty, helping them with school supplies and developing programs through which they can get out of poverty. Your prayers for us and our ministry. God bless you

Declare his glory among the nations, his wonders among all peoples.
Psalm 96:3


We thank God for answering prayers during this time, and we share some updates:

Dear brothers in Christ Jesus, I greet you in the precious name
of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ, hoping that you are well
enjoying the victorious life that our heavenly Father has given
us, reminding you that: "...we are more than conquerors
through that who loved us." (Romans 8:37)
At the beginning of the month, my son, Joseph, had a very
difficult accident, in which he suffered a broken arm, blows to
the body, and a cut to his face. They were very difficult
moments, where we saw the hand of God taking care of our
little one, and we are grateful that he is recovering
Children and adolescents continue to learn the Word of God,
week after week, throughout this month, the book of John has
been taught, giving them tasks such as memorizing, searching
for key words and underlining important points in this beautiful
book. We see the hunger and thirst they have to know more
about God every day, and our hearts are glad to see them grow.
This month has been very difficult for us in Sicuani, due to
radical strikes and roadblocks. Here food and gas began to be
scarce, the prices of basic foods began to rise, and every day
our prayer was that this would happen, even though the
leaders had said that this strike would be indefinite. Thank God
since Wednesday the 21st in the afternoon, they gave a truce,
leaving the way clear, and they have said that it will only be
until Sunday the 25th, then they will continue with their strikes
and blockades, if the government does not pay attention to
their demands.

I appreciate your prayers for peace in our country and for God's
care for our church, and the families we serve here.

We had planned, taking advantage of the month of December, to make Christmas presentations to
preach the gospel to the children and adults of Sicuani and its surrounding communities, with the
support of a group from the BCM mission, but it turns out that the strikes and roadblocks started a
day before starting the activities. I had to execute a plan B, for the BCM group that was already in
Cusco, and in coordination with a pastor friend and relatives, it was possible to preach the gospel to
hundreds of children in places where there was not so much tension or problems due to the strikes.
Of course, on some journeys, the group was threatened that they would break the car, the
population was upset and their tires were flattened, but despite everything, with the power of God
they continued forward, and we are grateful that even in the midst of the darkness the light of Christ
has shone with power.

In January 2023 we will be traveling to the city of Iquitos
in the Peruvian jungle to preach in the youth camps and
my wife will be a teacher in the children's camp. By God's
provision for tickets and expenses.
As a family we are grateful to God, because they are a
fundamental part of God's call to our lives. Dear friends
and brothers, we love you and we pray for you.

The Lord goes before you. He will be with you, and will
not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be
intimidated" (Dt 31:8)