Tito & Nelida Hurtado

My name is Tito Hurtado, my wife is Nélida, and we have been married for twelve years.
We are missionaries in the Peruvian highlands, in the department of Cusco, in the city of Sicuani, which has 30 rural communities around it. We have three children, Camila (10), Joseph (7), and Joshua (4). We are involved in pastoral work, planting churches and reaching those who do not know God's love with the gospel, discipling believers and looking for ways to serve our community, feeding children in extreme poverty, helping them with school supplies and developing programs through which they can get out of poverty. Your prayers for us and our ministry. God bless you

Declare his glory among the nations, his wonders among all peoples.
Psalm 96:3


Dear brothers and friends,
I greet you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I mention the things that have happened in the month of March, for the glory of our God.
First: We have inaugurated the youth meeting, by the grace of God, we have a group of 8 young
people, and we are praying and working to continue growing.
Second: Taking advantage of Holy Week, we were able to evangelize in the streets, squares and bus
stops. God allowed us to distribute leaflets and talk about the love of God with people. Although
there were people who rejected the gospel and the tracts, there were also those who heard the gospel.
Third: we were able to perform our first baptism as a church. Two preteens, Jeycob and Lucio, 10
years old, made the decision to obey God's command. It was a beautiful time for the nascent church,
a public testimony of their faith in Christ Jesus.
Fourth: God allowed us to organize an evangelistic dinner for couples. We had programmed that each
Christian couple could invite an unbelieving couple. In the grace of God, many couples who are not
Christians visited us, enjoyed a delicious dinner, were oriented in relation to living together at home,
and were also evangelized.
Fifth: We have four Bible clubs as a church, where week after week, we preach the gospel and teach
the word of God in the communities around Pisac. Many of our children live in extreme poverty. We
pray that God will use us as a channel of blessing for these little ones, but our primary prayer is that
they know, love and obey God.
Sixth: With our mission “Passion for Christ”, we continue forward with our two churches that we have
in Iquitos. God's work continues to advance and even if there are difficulties we will continue forward.
The pastor in Iquitos (Peruvian jungle) will be making missionary trips along the river, to visit and
evangelize in some Amazonian communities.
I thank God for my wife and children who are studying hard, and are growing spiritually. My wife is a
great blessing to the work of God and to our home.
I ask for your prayers, dear brothers, for the following:

  1. For wisdom, love and patience to direct the work of God in Pisac - Cusco.
  2. For God's protection and provision for my family. God is good and faithful.
  3. For the communities where we are working with Bible clubs. May God help us to evangelize in
    those places. Our plan is that, in the future, we can establish churches in those places.
  4. For the first wedding we will celebrate as a church on April 20. We are grateful to God because
    this couple has decided to obey God through marriage.
  5. By God's provision, for a laptop for our youngest children's studies.
  6. For the provision of a car, for family and ministerial use. There are many remote peasant
    communities that we need to reach with the gospel, where there is no asphalt road, and there
    is no public transportation. The car is a great tool.
    Dear brothers, I pray in the Lord that you continue to pray for us. The work is arduous, but we know
    that your prayers sustain us and encourage us. God bless you

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