A Volcano of Compassion

May 18, 2023 |

  When I was in high school, the Lord was working mightily in my heart. I was learning to hear His still small voice and learning how  and when He wanted things done. 
Unfortunately, at the same time, drugs were just becoming popular in school and I witnessed the transformation in their lives go from light to darkness. Drinking Alcohol was also affecting  the lives of many. I watched a fellow students life deteriorate over a matter of months. He would not listen to what I had to say about the tools satan uses to steal, to kill and destroy. He committed suicide not long after that. It crushed me to the core of my heart. It made me angry that satan had successfully accomplished his plan. I was experiencing Gods Holy anger as well as His compelling compassion. 
I fervently began reaching out to those being affected by drugs and alcohol. Truly, a volcano of compassion welled in my heart for those held captive.  This compassion took me to places I would not normally go. Places that I detested what they represented. It was there that I found the hurting, wounded and deceived. 
All I knew is that Jesus had the answer to everything they were facing and needed. I brought people to our house late at night, and mom, a Godly mother, wound prepare food for them. While she was cooking, I would be sharing Jesus. We saw wonderful victories in the lives of many! 
The Compassion of God will lead you to do what you have never done before. It is an inner strength, a compelling, truly a volcano that builds within you. 
This same Compassion worked in and through Jesus. The Bible says Jesus was moved by compassion. This is what compassion does. It moves you. It moves us from knowing to doing. It enables Gods love to move and work through you. It enables you to do what you’ve never done before and takes you to where Jesus Himself would go. 
Many times I was led to go to bars, give my shoes away, my jackets and sometimes money. Helping them to know and experience the love and freedom in Jesus was always the goal. 
Compassion is the voice of the Holy Spirit. Listen to the voice of compassion in what He is directing you to say, to go or to do. He is leading and guiding us to touch the lives of people. Compassion is the work of the Holy Spirit through us. The ministry of Jesus is the same today , He’s simply doing His ministry through us now. Pay attention to compassion. It is the Holy Spirit desiring to use you to meet a need, physically, spiritually or emotionally. The fruit of obedience is joy unspeakable!