The Victory of the Cross

The wonderful blessings of the majesty of Christ Jesus were
purchased in a devastating battle between good and evil. His
destiny was crucifixion on an old rugged cross by the hands of
Roman soldiers. The battle raged in spirit while the slaughter of
his flesh was slowly absorbing deathblows. Jesus disrobed
himself of glory before the foundation of the world to
condescend to the low estate of fallen humanity. He was the
mercy extended to all humanity through the redemption of
Adam. The nakedness of Adam was clothed with flesh while his
death sentence prevailed in his earthly body. Adam’s spiritual
death separated him from the glory of God's presence. The sin
of Adam brought the penalty of both spiritual and physical
death. Spiritual death resulted in the loss of glory while the
physical death sentence was placed in his mortal body of flesh.
After 930 years in his flesh earth suit, physical death
manifested. The lifegiving source of the fallen man was blood
given by the lamb slain from the foundation of the world. All
humanity generated from this fallen man clothed with flesh
and blood. It carried a death sentence with it which is called
mortality. But God had a foreordained plan. Jesus
condescended to this state of fallen flesh(mortality) when he
was born into this world as a person thru a virgin birth. Jesus
had to become one of us, flesh and blood, to enter this earth
legally to destroy the works of Satan. He was destined to go to
the cross, execution style, to destroy the sentence of death
both spiritual and physical. This separation from God from

mankind was to be terminated at the cross. Reconciliation of
fallen man was always on the mind of Jesus while going
through the excruciating pain of the cross. Oh! how he loves,
loves, loves us. His destiny was to pay the penalty of sin
through the giving of his flesh and blood in death. He gave it
all, every drop of it.
Two major aspects of the cross involved the blood that was
shed and the flesh that was roasted in God's fire of judgment
on sin. So the slaughter of Jesus’ flesh and the shedding of his
blood at calvary was the purpose of Christ Jesus coming into
earth. The wrath of God against sin was placed on Jesus at the
cross. The massacre of Jesus flesh nailed to the cross with blood
dripping and organs hanging was an expression of God’s wrath
against sin. God’s holiness had to be pacified. Jesus took this
punishment voluntarily for you and me. God can now look on
fallen humanity thru the eyes of our savior Jesus. Your sin debt
is now fully paid by Jesus’ death at Calvary. He could have
called 10,000 angels but he died alone for mankind. This
message received this Christmas season by anyone is the
greatest gift ever given. Believe and receive it today. You will
be eternally grateful.