Santa Rosa Ministry Compound Update

Dear Faithful In Christ,

Denise and I are grateful to the Lord for all the Lord is doing in Peru! The ministry is expanding to truly reach the unreached!
 Bro  Josue and his ministry team are working on a  compound located in Santa Rosa. This outreach is about 3 hours down the Amazon River and on one of the tributaries. The compound will provide a Bible school to train nationals for ministry. There are many villages unreached by the Gospel and this ministry will train leadership to reach them! The fields are ripe but we need more workers! 
Currently, the compound is under construction. The facility will consist of a meeting hall, kitchen, dining area, restrooms, living quarters for the students and for the teachers. This is located in a remote area and getting building supplies there by boat is not an easy task.
They are ready to start construction on the bathrooms, plumbing and electrical.  The budget for this phase is $3718. This covers materials, labor and transportation for the materials to Santa Rosa. 
 Would you like to be a part of reaching tribes unreached by the Gospel? Your donation, large or small will be an answer to prayer and help complete the facility to reach them.
We are  working on a schedule to take a construction team to start working on the dorms. This facility will enable many to be trained and sent out to establish outreaches.  
Will you help make this possible?

Your tax deductible donation can be mailed or you can donate online at Designate for Santa Rosa.
With all our hearts, thank you for your support to help us reach those unreached by the Gospel.