About Kinah Faith Nathaniel

I am Kinah Faith Nathniel Luzon, 19 years old and was born July 22, 2003.
I have no parents already. Right now, I am living with my family, with
Pastor Evon and Joji Carcillar in Shepherd Homes.
Right now I am in 2nd college taking up
Medical Technology. The reason I choose this course because I love Science.

My Personal Testimony

I grew up in a Christian home. I knew who God was and what Jesus did from a pretty early age. I can’t
say that I had any doubts as a youngster. I continued to attend church with my family, but things were still not
good for me, starting to get worse. As I moved into my teens, my mood changed drastically, and I was
exhibiting signs of depression. I didn’t like the way my family put on a show all the time. It seemed very
hypocritical. We were not allowed talk about problems in our lives. My parents’ generation never talks about
problems they have to look good on the outside anything bad happening in the family would make the parents
look bad. I was aware I had problems, but my life was so empty. I had nobody to pray to. No God to believe in
that could get me through this. I said I was fine and made excuses for my challenges, saying I was just having
fun. But I was spiraling further. I knew I needed help, and I felt that help calling loudly from God. With no other
place to turn, I started to open my heart again and believe on what Jesus plans for me, I have been through
many hopeless places, but God was always with me.

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