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My Personal Testimony
In my life, I experienced a lot of problems, trails and challenge especially in deficiency of daily needs,
especially when I am young until now. Maybe because my parents had no stable job and 1 have 5 siblings.
My father was died 4 years ago and only my mother finds possible ways to cope up our daily needs. Her jobs as stay
in house helper and go home once a month. When I going to think of our situation I get mud and felt depressed for it especially when the Covid 19 arrived in our Country. It’s so hard because of New normal. Our movement our limited and also way of our studies is so difficult. But I thank God because he never derelict me, instead with His grace I am determined to continue to purse life and fulfill my ultimate dreams. I already graduated in Senior High School in God’s grace and also with the help of my family and Gracelink sponsored name Brent and Melanie Carroll. Thanks God’s and also to them. My plans for now is to pursue enroll college one step higher finish my studies, and to achieve my goals in life. Because my dream is to be a successfully teacher someday,to avail myself,and also
for my Family.


I am Josel N. Apolinario 20 years old was March 24, 2001 at Medina, Madalag, Aklan.
My is Fathers Elpidio V. Apolinario (Deceased) and my mother is Margie N. Apolinario as
House Maid. I have 6 siblings all boys and 3 were already married. I am Youth President of
our Church Name Highland Christian Church. I have General Average Grade 12 Senior High
School is 90.5. Right now I am taking a Course Bachelor in Elementary Education. Reason I choose this course because, this is my biggest dream that I want to achieve in my life that I want to be a Licensed
Teacher and help children that need to teach, and help my family financially as well.

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