Myanmar Evangelistic Ministries- Van Biak Thang

Our Vission is: "Building solid foundations for firm believers for the proclamation of the gospel of Christ for reaching the unreached."

Our Mission is that we exist for the purpose of preparing people to find their identity in Christ to live valuable life to fulfill the great commission to reach the unreached Buddist community and tribal people in Myanmar.

Our Ministry's burden is to train missionaries and send them to places where the gospel is unreached and unheard and church planting. We are planning to provide accommodation for the people who seek medical treatment in Yangon city for their short-term stay. And also, to advocate for meeting the needs of vulnerable children and their future education.

The purpose of the Project

The country of Myanmar (In Southeast Asia) is facing serious political turmoil under dictatorship. The Christians are being targeted and the victims of civil war. No school is functioned for three years until now. Most hospitals, clinics, and medical shops are closed. Our Christian brothers and sisters are the most targeted people and the victims of civil unrest (war). Inaccessibility of clinics and hospitals, many have already lost their lives.
Therefore, the purpose of "Home of Refuge" is to provide accommodation for those who seek medical treatment in the area of Yangon city for a short-term stay; the staff will help them find affordable hospitals for the best of their medical treatment. Your cheerful hand with a single penny helps to make room for the patients to stay free of burden while they are having medical treatment.

The Budget for the project

This construction of "Home of Refuge" will be started at the end of February 2023. This building will be 2000 square feet with 3 Bedrooms, 1 office, and 3 toilets. The construction is hoped to finish by April 2023.
The estimated cost of the "Home of Refuge" is $16150. Grace International ( ) will initiate the stateside donation.
If you want to sow the seed for God's Kingdom to contribute to the "Home of Refuge Project," you may prefer the budget breakdown below and support us with monthly or one-time payments with the amount that you want to bless us with.
“Home of Refuge” Construction Budget

Phase No. Items Amount
Phase 1 Ground Foundation $ 5420
Phase 2 Pillars & Wall $ 2400
Phase 3 Roof and Metal Roof sheets $ 2830
Phase 4 Door & Windows $ 500
Phase 5 Toilets $200
Phase 6 Plumbing $ 1500
Phase 7 Electricity $ 800
Phase 8 Labor charge $ 2500
Total $ 16150

If you want to take part in helping this ministry, Grace International Ministries is there to help you with detailed information about the Home of Refuge in Myanmar.
May our gracious God Bless you.

In His Vineyard,
Van Biak Thang
Myanmar Evangelistic Ministries