Grant & Hope Staples

Hope and Grant Staples are the Directors of The Glory House in Laurel, Mississippi.

Grant and Hope purchased The Glory House as a way to serve as local missionaries to their community in 2015. The Glory House serves a community meal monthly, offers a food pantry service and hosts several children's events throughout the year. They also offer opportunities through ESL classes, construction and home repair and helps/service to the elderly.

We are thankful to be under the supporting wing of Grace International World Outreach, Service Agency. Darrell and Denise Hutto are the most gracious and loving people and we cherish their friendship, leadership and encouragement. The non-profit waters can be treacherous, but Grace Service Agency (GSA) has helped us get to work for God's Kingdom and has supported us every step of the way. We are so thankful God has provided us with their covering to begin our journey into serving Him with all we have!

For additional information visit or Face Book - thegloryhouselaurel