Tribal Training Center

THE TAPAZ TRIBAL TRAINING CENTER will be a facility to reach over 300 combined tribes located in the regions of Jamindan, Dumarao and Tapaz also the provinces of Iloilo, Antique and Aklan in the Philippines. Over 15,000 tribal people will have opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel.

The Training Center will provide an avenue to share the Gospel, equip leaders, teach land & crop management and teach our current character curriculum. The Center will also be a neutral place where tribal members can unite for meetings.

The Tribal Center on the ground level will have an office, dorms and kitchen facility. On the second level, a large room for dining hall/conference hall where the training will take place.

We have received the final budget for all six phases of construction and is estimated at $58,000 to complete the project. This includes all materials and labor cost. We would like to share Phase One budget with you at this time.

Total budget for Phase one is $12,082.

Please consider being a part of reaching over 15,000 tribal people with the gospel of the Kingdom. Any donation large or small will be greatly appreciated.

With all our hearts, thank you for making a difference.

Darrell & Denise