Transportation for Living Stone Christian Fellowship

Dear Faithful in Christ,
Greetings from our hearts to yours! We are greatly encouraged to share the church in Passi is growing and making disciples! For a long time, they have been in need of transportation for taking ministry teams on their outreaches. Several years ago, a tricycle was purchased, but that has long been outgrown. ( a tricycle is a motorcycle with a side car attached to it.)
Pastor Apsi with his wife Gloria and family have been working diligently reaching those who do not know Christ. They have established many outreaches and the opportunities abound to establish more.
God has put it in our hearts to help them with much needed transportation. We are are looking for a good preowned passenger van. The estimated cost will be approximately $5500. We are raising funds now because when a van in good condition comes on the market, it sells extremely fast. We want to be prepared when the Lord leads to the right vehicle.
We are asking if you would like to help provide a vehicle for Living Stone. We have worked with them 40 years and know their faithfulness. Your donation, large or small will help reach our goal of $5500. Thank you dear friends!