Supplies for Grace Children's Home

Dear Faithful in Christ,
We are grateful to the Lord for all He is doing in the hearts of the children in Myanmar. The orphanage, Grace Children's Home has 70 children being cared for and we have received a request to help the children with needed supplies. Here is a list of what is needed per child and the budget requested:
Bed sheets - $33.35
Pillow & cover - $9.50
Blanket - $5.70
Mosquito net - $11.90
Shirt - $11.90
Long pants - $14.30
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/brush) - $4.75
The total per child is $91.40. Would you prayerfully helping to meet this request? The total budget for 70 children is $6398. If 70 people will help with one child, their need will be met! Your support is an answer to prayer and is meeting a very important need. With all our hearts, thank you for making a difference!