Myanmar Children's Dorms

Our new project is to reach hundreds of abandoned children in Myanmar (formerly Burma). We have been working with a pastor in Myanmar for about two years. He helps children that due to poverty are abandoned. Currently the children are living in a make shift shed with little shelter from the elements.

Our goal is to build two dorms in the Letpatansuh Village one dorm for the boys and one for the girls. We plan to build another dorm for boys in Tatgyigone Village. All three dorms will share the same blueprint and will cost approximately $27,000, which includes materials and labor. ($27,000 x 3 = $81,000)

We plan to build the dorms in phases.

Phase One - foundation work & slab = $9,000.

Phase Two - concrete work (walls) & roofing = $9,000

Phase Three - windows, doors, painting and furnishing = $9,000

Thank you in advance for helping us supply these abandoned children with a place to find shelter and a place they are accepted and loved. As you prayerfully give, know that you are also helping each child be a part of a large family that will reside in each dorm.