Pastors John and Marilet are the pastors for Madalag Christian Community Church in the Philippines, located in the mountains of Aklan. The first and second levels of their church where the children meet for their classes can no longer hold the weight of the children and the teachers. This temporary second level must be torn down and replaced.

Denise and I realize there are many needs, but we feel lead to share this need with you. We have a desire to restore and enlarge a safe facility for Pastors John and Marilet and their church families that will accommodate the children and provide additional room for their activities.

The cost to rebuild the existing first and second level is approximately $4,500.00 including materials and labor. We will not build out of bamboo or coconut lumber because of the termites. We will build with hollow block and cement beams. Transporting supplies in the mountains is not an easy task.

To give a love gift to help Pastors John and Marilet restore their children's section of their church simply click 'Home', 'Donate' and specify 'Philippines' and type 'Madalag' in the comment section OR send your donation to Grace International World Outreach, P. O. Box 1952, Laurel, MS 39441 and designate Madalag.

Thank You in advance for your faithfulness.