Living Stone Fellowship Renovation

Dear Faithful in Christ,

It is a joy to share the Goodness of our Heavenly Father! Men, women and children are receiving the Lord, abandoned children are receiving the love and care they need, new believers are being discipled and mentored! It is truly a blessing to see God’s hand working in the hearts of people!

Today, I want to share an update on the renovation being done on Living Stone Fellowship located in Passi, Iloilo Philippines. Due to earthquake damage, renovation is being done not only to repair the damage, but to enlarge the facility to accommodate the growing congregation.

Demolition of the damaged portion of the church has been completed and Phase 1 Funds were sent to purchase materials and labor for foundation work, to build walls, columns and structural concrete.

Living Stone congregation meets each week to help with the renovation process! They are so grateful and excited to get a larger facility!

I would like to share the Phase 2 budget with you. We want to be financially prepared to send funds when they are ready for them.

Phase 2 budget:

Steel trusses & installation $3767

Dry Wall panels & installation - $1979.

Metal roofing & installation - $3052.

Total needed- $8798.

Would you prayerfully consider a offering to help complete phase 2?

We have 4 phases to complete the construction. Phase 1 ($6728.) has been met.

Phase 2 budget is $8798

Phase 3 budget is $5936

Phase 4 budget is $8445.

For your information, the total remaining budget for Phase 2, 3 & 4 is $23,179.

We are being the best steward possible and negotiate on all construction material and labor cost. Your support is an answer to prayer and will enable this facility to be used in reaching many to the Lord and equip them to fulfill their God given destiny.