Faith Gospel Church in Panipiasan Philippines

Dear Faithful in Christ,
It is a joy to share that the outreaches are growing and reaching areas in need of the Gospel! We have a church located in the mountains of Panipiasan that is in need of a room for teaching children and also a comfort room (restroom). The small room currently being used is not meeting their need. They have ask if we could help with cost of material. They will provide the labor.
Here is a list of supplies needed for the construction of the room and restroom. If you would like to help with this expansion, it would be an answer to prayer.
Roof Tin - $251.
Cement - $359.
Rebar (3 different sizes) - $320.
Wire - $18.
Plywood - $64.
Nails - $25.
Lumber for walls - $191.
A total of $1228. is needed.
Your donation can be mailed to: Grace International, P.O. Box 1952, Laurel, MS 39441
With all our hearts, thank you for your help!