You Have An Assignment

August 5, 2020 | Darrell Hutto

Dear friends in need of Hope,

When you come to a place in your life when all seems lost, when hope is no longer seen, it does not mean to give up. You are to go back to the time when God spoke to you in your life. Go back to the time when He unmistakably showed you in your heart your life purpose and vision.

What did He say to you?

What did He show you?

What commission did He give you to fulfill?

Every word He spoke to you has not changed. His Will for you has not changed. Everything He has spoken to you to fulfill in the past is just as relevant to you today.

I heard it said, when we are going through a valley, we must never forget the instructions God gave us on the mountain top. It’s during the hard times that we are to “remember”.

Remember what He has said to you.
It’s during the lonely times that we go back and remember Him speaking.

Remember Him giving a vision of what He wants you to fulfill.

Don’t allow discouragement to bury....
the dream,
the vision,
the assignment,
or the purpose He has given to you.

He gave you the assignment, not someone else. He has given you the vision to fulfill the assignment. The circumstances of life are not a surprise to God. He knows your future as well as the past.

Lift up your head that hangs down.

REMEMBER & RESTORE in your heart and mind what He has commissioned you to do. Let your joy be restored as you once again embrace His life & purpose for you.

When you fall, get back up.

When life knocks you down, it does not mean you are a failure.

Remember His enabling Grace.

Embrace Him.

Remember what He has spoken to you in private and finish your race.

Complete and fulfill the assignment He has given you.

Be like David and Encourage yourself in the Lord.

Remember what He has spoken to you and take hold of it. Let no man or circumstance ever steal Gods dream for your life.