Transportation Needed for Shepherd Home

Dear Friends,
Bro Evon, Director of Shepherds Home, a home for needy children in Kalibo, Aklan, has requested transportation to be used for taking the children to school. Bro Evon is also the Director of GICP (Grace International Churches of the Philippines) and is using the truck with ministry teams checking on the status of churches, establishing new outreaches and holding conferences. This leaves the Shepherds home without transportation and makes it difficult to meet schedules on time using public transportation.
This three wheeled tricycle is called a TukTuk and is especially used in Asia for transportation and running errands. We currently have $880. towards this and need approximately $2550. to meet the budget. Would you like to help provide this transportation for the Shepherds Home?
Your support is greatly appreciated and is an answer to prayer. Your donation can be mailed to GIWO, P.O. Box 1952, Laurel, MS 39441. Thank you in advance for all you do!