Tapaz Tribal Center

November 15, 2018 | Darrell Hutto

   Denise and I rejoice to share we are ready to start construction of the facility that will enable hundreds to be trained for ministry.  The Tribal Center is located in Tapaz, Capiz Philippines and is centrally located to reach many tribes.  The land has been purchased, the foundation has been prepared for construction, and a temporary shed has been built to house workers and construction materials. We are ready to start construction and humbly ask your help.

The construction is divided into six phases.  The total budget is approximately $60,000.  

Phase 1 budget has 4 steps as follows:

Step 1: Foundation Footing Materials & Installation labor - $1981.
Step 2: Tie beams material & labor - $1546.70
Step 3: Wall Footings material & labor - $964.65
Step 4: Column materials & labor - $7333.84

Total Phase 1 budget is $11,826.19

    The Tapaz Tribal Center will be the first facility of its kind in the Philippines.  In the Center, the tribal chiefs can gather in unity for meetings and training.  The Tribal Center is an answer to prayers for the IP's (Indigenous Tribal People).   For years there has been fighting among the tribes, but reconciliation has already began!!
    The facility will also be used as a Bible school to train Tribal people in reaching their own tribes with the Gospel.  We will be training leadership to plant churches in many tribes. Not only will the facility train and disciple believers, it will train the Tribal leadership in skills needed for hygiene and in managing their land and crops.  The facility will be a conference center for the region, where special services such as weddings can occur.  It will have dorms and a "dirty kitchen" (kitchen which uses wood or charcoal to cook with).  The Tribal leadership is very grateful for the Tribal Center becoming a reality.  With your help, we are reaching many unreached tribal groups for the Lord.  This center will enable literally thousands to eventually hear and receive the Gospel.  Thank you for your help in making this a reality!!