Get Understanding

July 16, 2020 | Darrell Hutto

In all your getting, get understanding

In Proverbs 4:7, the Scripture says, " all your getting, get understanding". The scripture does NOT say, in all your getting, get knowledge. It says "understanding". Understanding is having a revelation of God's Word. It is when the Holy Spirit opens our spiritual eyes to see the reality of Truth. It happens in our hearts, not necessarily the mind. Understanding can come as we meditate on the scriptures or as we read the scripture. Getting this understanding or revelation is called Rhema (the revealed Word of God).

Proverbs 2:6 says, "For the Lord gives wisdom: out of His mouth comes knowledge and understanding."

Knowledge and understanding work together as a team. One cannot function without the other. The danger of having only knowledge without understanding is that it produces a non-productive Christian. It produces a person who has ALL the answers but does not produce fruit. It produces a person who is prideful.

Many Christians today are fat with the knowledge of God, yet are unfruitful.

Having knowledge does not change a life. It takes knowledge with the understanding of it. This must be corrected. People around the world are hearing the gospel. They hear that Jesus loves them. In John 3:16. They hear that He wants to forgive them and give eternal life, yet they do not respond to these Truths because they lack the understanding that comes from an open heart and Holy Spirit.

It is understanding of knowledge that brings the fruit of transformation. This is our goal, to be transformed through the renewing of our minds.

Transformation takes place as we apply what is revealed in our hearts.

Transformation is being conformed to the image of Christ. As we read the scripture, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal it to our hearts, then we are able to walk in the fruit of it. Many don't understand how to get understanding. We have many people who have knowledge yet continue to live as an unbeliever.

Understanding is what enables us to desire to obey the Word of God and live the life that pleases our Father.

TAKE FOR EXAMPLE the love of God. Everyone has heard about the love of God but very few have an understanding of it. Why did Jesus go to the cross? Jesus did not go to the cross just to forgive our sin.

He went to the cross to because of our value to Him.

You don't pay a high price for something that has no value.

Jesus paid the highest price. Laying down His life for us because He wanted to restore our relationship with Him. He wanted us as sons and daughters, not just His servants. It is imperative that we have a revelation of our value to God the Father. When we do, we will never question God's love for us again. God created us in His image and likeness.

Do we see this?

Do we really believe this?

We must see ourselves loved by God.

We must see ourselves made in His image and likeness, then we will know it. It cannot just be knowledge to us, we must have an understanding of these Truths.

Understanding Truth is what transforms our life and actions.

Do you see yourself as REDEEMED from poverty, sickness and death? Can you see it? We must have an understanding, not just knowledge of our identity with Christ. God created you in His image. God sees what He has created you to accomplish. He sees your potential, your destiny, your value to Him and all mankind. Now, you must see it. On your worst day, God never lost sight of your value to Him or what He created you to fulfill. God always sees what He created you to be. We must see as He sees. We must not continue living our lives without an understanding of Truth.

Here is Truth: We are Born Again, we are being transformed, we have a new Father, a new nature, a new image, a new likeness, a new walk, a new talk, a new look, a new attitude, a new value, a new direction in life, a new purpose, a new song to sing, a new commission, a new authority, a new identity.

Can you see it??

Get an understanding of these Truths until they become who you are! Get an understanding of the 'new you' in Christ Jesus. Not just knowledge of it, but an understanding of it.

Understanding transforms!

In all your getting, get understanding.