Ministry Update: Jesus Christ Mission Church

Dear Faithful in Christ,
The construction on Jesus Christ Mission Church in Carles Iloilo is completed! Chairs and tables have been purchased and is now being used to feed many needy children and hold meetings. The facility is beautiful and is now in use. One thing is needed for the facility: a water supply. They are currently carrying water from the neighbors well. They are praying for a well on their property and we would like to help meet this need. Here is the budget to drill a well.
Cement - $51.
Gravel - $128.
plumbing (pipe & fittings) - $58.
Electrical - $55.
Water Pump - $183.
Water Tank - $220.
Labor - $365.
Total budget needed is $1060.
If you would like to help provide this well, your support is an answer to prayer and greatly appreciated.
Grace International is a non profit mission organization dedicated to equipping ministers with the tools and resources needed in fulfilling the work of the ministry.
The outreaches of Grace International are debt free and go forward as the Lord provides the resources through faithful supporters.