Jesus Christ Mission Church Construction Update

Dear Faithful in Christ,
Denise and I are so grateful to share a new church is being built in Carles, Iloilo Philippines. We are grateful to the Lord for this opportunity to reach areas in great need of the Gospel. Carles is a poor area and many are receiving the Lord. This new facility, Jesus Christ Mission Church, is an answer to prayer and will enable many more to be reached with the Gospel and be discipled.
Here are updated pictures of their progress to share with you. With all our hearts, thank you for your faithful support making this construction possible!
If you would like to help build this facility, your support is an answer to prayer and greatly appreciated.
Grace International is a non profit mission organization dedicated to equipping ministers with the tools and resources needed in fulfilling the work of the ministry.
The outreaches of Grace International are debt free and go forward as the Lord provides the resources through faithful supporters.