Acts 19 - Paul in Ephesus

April 20, 2020 | Darrell Hutto

The Gospel of Good News

In Acts 19, the Apostle Paul is in Ephesus proclaiming the Good News of Jesus in Word and deed. They saw the power of the risen Savior working through Paul. Many who were controlled by evil spirits were set free. The scripture says in Acts 19:20, “The power of God caused the word of God to spread, and the people were greatly impacted.”

Thousands responded to the Good News...

  • in repentance
  • surrendering their lives to Christ
  • confessing their sins
  • publicly burning books on witchcraft, spells and incantations

They destroyed idols and everything that opposed the Lordship of Christ.

However, not everyone was happy about the response to the good news. There were those who made profit from the sale of idols and sorcery. Their business profits were plummeting. A business leader by the name of Demetrius, called a meeting to address their decline in profit. He is recorded saying, “You know that our prosperous livelihood is being threatened..” “Our business is in danger of being discredited.” The scripture goes on to say, “When the people heard this, they were filled with boiling rage.” “The frenzied crowd shouted out one thing, and others shouted out something else, until they were all in mass confusion, with many not even knowing why they were there!” (Acts 19:21-41)

Today is no different. Denise and I have traveled to many countries of the world and have discovered for ourselves that people are the same worldwide, regardless of culture. Today, the Gospel will not be Good News for everyone whose hearts are after profit. There are those in government who’s only desire is power and control. There are those in business whose only priority is profit, regardless of who it harms. The love of money willingly disregards the sanctity of life, the value of the elderly, the health of our children, the degrading of women, and deteriorating affects of drugs and alcohol. Despite those who will forcefully oppose the Good News, we must proclaim what Jesus has done for all mankind. We must give everyone opportunity to embrace or reject the Truth.

We cannot and must not be conformed to this world and become stagnate or lukewarm as said in the book of Revelations.

When the Gospel confronts those whose hearts are self seeking, expect retaliation but do not be discouraged. Self seeking leaders and business men and women have worked for years growing their empire and will not allow it to crumble before them without rallying their associates for a fight. The apostle Paul kept his focus and did not allow himself to become discouraged, fearful or weary. The Gospel is a message of the Kingdom of God that is to be established here on the earth. It is a Gospel of power, authority and relationship. The Gospel impacts every aspect of life and brings transformation until we and society are conformed into the image of Christ and His Kingdom. Let us be the salt & Light He has created us to be. You and I are His ambassadors, chosen & anointed, sent to make a difference in our areas of influence.

Dear Faithful in Christ, let us be the New Creation He has transformed us to be. Don’t be afraid of those whose hearts are self seeking, whose desire is to profit regardless of who they hurt. Stand up for Truth when God gives you opportunity. You were born for such a time as this. A Godly Christian can make a Godly family, a Godly family can make a Godly community, a Godly community can make a Godly city, a Godly city can make a Godly state, a Godly state can make a Godly nation, and a Godly nation can influence the world!